American Humane Certified: Eggs

American Humane Certified Label

The is a very basic animal welfare label compared to other animal welfare certifications.

Requires Verification/Inspection

FoodPrint Label Criteria

Animal Feed Quality

Produced without industrial pesticides
Synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge prohibited
Prohibits animal waste and byproduct
Restricts use of feed supplements
Prohibits GMOs

Drug Use

Antibiotics only for sick animals or prohibited*
Prohibit hormones and other drugs to healthy animals*
*Antibiotic allowance for prophylactic prevention in healthy animals
*Hormones and other growth promoters prohibited but allows the use of other drugs for prophylaxis (disease prevention in healthy animals)

Environmental and Pasture Quality

Pasture management / rotational grazing plan required
Synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge prohibited
Grown without industrial pesticides
Biodiversity required in pasture
Soil health monitored/measured for improvement over time

Animal Welfare and Living Conditions

Breed health requirements
Minimum indoor space requirements
Natural light required
Standards for indoor ammonia levels
Outdoor access required*
Pasture access required
Hygiene and manure management addressed
Physical alterations prohibited (debeaking, etc)
Standards for animal wellbeing in transport including maximum duration times**
Welfare standards for slaughtering***
Prohibits forced molting
Prohibits cages
Requires perches****
Requires nest boxes
Dust bathing opportunities****
*No, unless there is also a free range claim
**Some standards exist, but not as comprehensive as Animal Welfare Approved
***Is verified to meet industry baseline requirements
****Encouraged but not required

Worker Welfare

Standards and protections for workers on farm
Standards and protections for workers in processing plants
Fair/living wages ensured
Health care insurance ensured
Food Label Glossary

For explanations of some of these technical terms, like “rotational grazing” or “sewage sludge fertilizers,” please visit our glossary.

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