Fairtrade: Produce


This label focuses on the economic welfare of disadvantaged farmers and workers. Although it focuses mainly on safety and equity, it does include some environmental stipulations. This label mainly applies to products from the global south, including coffee, chocolate, and bananas.

Requires Verification/Inspection

FoodPrint Label Criteria

Crop Production

Produced without industrial pesticides*
Synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge prohibited
GMOs prohibited
Antibiotics prohibited on crops
Biodiversity required
Soil health monitored/measured for improvement over time (soil biome, carbon sequestration, etc)
*Some restrictions on the most toxic pesticides

Worker Welfare

Standards and protections for workers on farm
Fair/living wages ensured
Health care insurance ensured
Food Label Glossary

For explanations of some of these technical terms, like “biodiversity” or “sewage sludge fertilizers,” please visit our glossary.

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