This 4-Week Challenge Will Help You Reduce Your FoodPrint

by FoodPrint

Published: 12/30/19, Last updated: 12/15/20

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What if this year, your resolution was about something bigger than yourself? You’ve been wanting to do something about climate change (other than bite your fingernails and worry). You’ve been meaning to make changes to your daily routine that would create less food waste and less trash. That’s where our 4-week Reduce Your FoodPrint challenge comes in. With our 4-week plan, you can adopt more sustainable food practices and start to reduce your foodprint. These are changes you can make to your routine, your habits, your purchasing — and your advocacy — that are healthier for you, more humane for animals, better for food and farmworkers, and less harmful to the environment.

Even small steps can have a big impact: giving up meat one day a week can reduce your personal consumption by 15 percent. With some planning, such as bringing along a tote bag or focusing on recipes that use stems and leaves, you can cut back on plastic and food waste. Larger changes, like choosing Food Justice Certified or Certified Grassfed labels when grocery shopping, will guarantee you’ll be supporting more humane and sustainable food production.

We’ve designed the plan in a four-week structure so that anyone can start it, anytime they’d like. Go through the steps to gain a fresh perspective and commit to these goals. Suggest the challenge to your coworkers, classmates or friends — moral support can be the encouragement you need to keep going and make new habits stick.

Ready to take the leap, commit to new sustainable food practices, and start reducing your foodprint? Then download the 4-week plan PDF and check off each activity as you work through the next 28 days. Follow us on social media @foodprintorg to get more tips and information about the challenge, and let us know how you are doing by sharing your progress with the hashtag #ReduceYourFoodPrint.

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