“The Meatrix: Resurrections” Highlights the Ongoing Fight Against Consolidated Factory Farms

by FoodPrint

Published: 12/22/21, Last updated: 12/22/21

What if you found out everything you thought was real was actually a lie? If that sounds to you like the 1999 movie “The Matrix” — with a 4th installment coming out this holiday season — you’re right.

But it’s also what happened in “The Meatrix” to a naive little pig named Leo, who finds out from a cow named Moopheus that the picturesque, green farms we see on some bacon packages and egg cartons can hide the grim and gruesome reality of factory farms.

In 2003, “The Meatrix” became an early internet sensation, seen by millions, winning awards and opening viewers’ eyes to the realities of our industrial factory farm system. It spurred activism as well as support of small, sustainable farms — and spawned several sequels over the years.

Now, nearly 20 years later, just in time for “The Matrix: Resurrections”, we revisit Leo and “The Meatrix” with a new video. So much has changed in our world since 2003. And while some things have gotten better, livestock production has only become more consolidated, causing big problems for animals, farmers, workers and the communities near where animals are raised for food. What can Leo do? What can you do?

Watch the movie, then hit up our Take Action page!

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