Food Label Guide: Dairy

When shopping for milk and other dairy products, you’ve probably encountered labels like “Organic” and “Grassfed,” and wondered what they mean and if they’re trustworthy. It is possible to find dairy products that are better for you, better for cows and better for the environment. Use our label guide to find meaningful and verifiable labels that you can easily understand.

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Our Top Picks

These labels are the most meaningful, with verifiable and more comprehensive standards that ensure the highest standard of environmental sustainability, animal welfare and social responsibility.

Labels Lacking Clear Standards

The terms below lack clear standards, verification processes or independent oversight, allowing farm conditions and practices to vary widely across producers.

  • “Natural”
  • “Pasture-raised”
  • “Grain-finished”
  • “Humane”/”Humanely-raised”

Other Labels to Look For

These labels are not as comprehensive as our top picks.