Food is Complicated — FoodPrint’s New Podcast is Here to Help

by FoodPrint

Published: 2/08/22, Last updated: 5/11/22

Have you ever wondered how rotisserie chicken can be so cheap? Or whether or not eating a plant-based burger can really help fight climate change? Or what labels to look for to know which food is healthiest? Or the best for the environment?

From practical conversations with farmers and chefs to discussions with policy experts on the barriers to sustainability, FoodPrint’s new podcast, “What You’re Eating,” covers everything from the why to the how of the food that we eat.

For three years now, FoodPrint has been uncovering the problems with the industrial food system and offering examples of more sustainable practices. We believe this deep knowledge of how food gets to your plate should be paired with practical guidance for how you can help support a better system, through the food that you buy and the system changes you push for. Our articles, deep-dive reports, apps, guides and social media posts all strive to offer you that knowledge and guidance. “What You’re Eating” joins that collection as our latest resource.

Over the course of our 8-episode first season, we’ll explore industrial poultry production, the world of fake meat and Impossible Burgers, wild and farmed salmon, Indigenous cuisine and more. We help you decode confusing labels, question hard-to-believe prices and untangle advertising promises with the help of experts, who walk us through it all. We’re excited to present conversations with guests including food writer Alicia Kennedy, sustainability advocate and author Anna Lappé, fish expert Paul Greenberg and Café Ohlone co-founders Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino.

You can listen to our trailer and subscribe to the series wherever you listen to podcasts. And if you don’t already listen to podcasts, now’s your chance to begin! Look out for “What You’re Eating” launching February 15, and follow us on social media @FoodPrintOrg for the latest on our podcast news.


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