Take the Pledge to Cut Single-Use Plastics

by FoodPrint

Published: 9/25/20, Last updated: 4/13/22

Single-use food packaging is an environmental menace: landfills and waterways clogged with styrofoam food containers, disposable coffee cups, plastic water bottles and more. It’s clear that what once seemed like a wonderful convenience has become something else: a massive, eternal pile of garbage left not just in our ocean waters and landfills, but as it turns out, inside of our very bodies.

But much of it is unnecessary, and with a few changes to your daily routine, you can eliminate it from your life, and help create a cleaner, safer world. An answer is clear: just say no to single-use plastics!

We are here to help you kick this habit. Take the pledge today by entering your information below and we will send you a few short emails with tips, resources and reminders for eliminating single-use plastic from your life:

Top photo by Thunderstock/Adobe Stock. 

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