New Podcast Episode on Our Endless Appetite for Shrimp

by Jerusha Klemperer

Published: 12/13/22, Last updated: 12/13/22

In 2019, the New York Times Cooking section — which includes 864 shrimp recipes — reported on the many problems associated with the majority of shrimp that U.S consumers eat. It was very comprehensive and touched on all of the important issues with the bulk of imported shrimp, issues we cover in our latest podcast episode, called “Endless Shrimp.”

That Times article concluded with the advice to eat wild-caught shrimp when possible — and with a yummy-sounding shrimp scampi recipe. Now, when you head to their database and choose that recipe, you don’t see the article. You don’t see it when you choose any other of their shrimp recipes either, as far as I can tell. The truth is, people’s large appetite for shrimp continues, and recipe sites probably assume that no one wants to hear that the very affordable giant frozen bag of peeled and deveined shrimp at the grocery store is a bad idea. With prices that good and a product that convenient, it’s better not to be reminded, right?

Thankfully, many people do want to know — the continued thrum of visitors to our own piece about farmed shrimp from around the same time indicates many people care about the environmental impacts of shrimp farming and the labor issues with some of international shrimp’s supply chains. For the podcast, we look closer at the huge amounts of incredibly low-cost shrimp flooding the market. We ask why that shrimp is so cheap,  how that impacts wild shrimpers here in the United States and what that means for the people who buy and eat that shrimp. And while we don’t offer up a shrimp scampi recipe, we are fine with you listening to the episode, carefully considering what you buy and where and then heading to the NY Times for their recipe — or to the shrimp recipe described in the episode by of one of our guests, found in her book, Cooking in the Moment.


Top photo by Eric Limon/Adobe Stock.

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