How to Take Action

Check in regularly for new, powerful actions you can take to change our food system for the better

We can change the food system by demanding that food companies do better: with more transparency and supply chains that are better for animals, people and the environment.

Shrimp worker
Dewi (43) has worked for eight years in an Indonesia factory that provides shrimp to the biggest supermarkets in the UK. For staff like Dewi, there was no right to maternity leave so she was forced to resign when she was eight months pregnant. She was rehired a month after the baby was born. Photo credit: Adrian Mulya.

Behind the Barcodes

Human suffering should never be an ingredient in our food. Yet, millions of people around the world, many of them women, who farm, fish, and process the food in our stores are working extremely long hours, toiling in unsafe conditions, and earning only poverty wages.

Join Oxfam’s Campaign to demand that the major supermarket chains — Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Giant —  end human suffering in their supply chains.

Sign the Letter


# of years it would take a female seafood worker in Southeast Asia to earn the annual salary of the highest-paid US grocery store executive.

This is just one of many ways you can push for a more just and sustainable food system.